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It has been a busy start to the year with us working through all of the bed and breakfast web sites that we look after, making security and general updates to improve how the web sites work. So far this year, updates have included:

Database Speed

Each of our sites run on a database and we have been busy updating sites behind the scenes to move up to the latest version. Although you will not notice any difference in the way your web site looks, you may see a bit of an increase in how fast your site loads. The new database is much quicker and so this will help customers viewing your site.

SSL Certificates

The little padlock icon that you see in the address bar when you visit a site is an important security feature and another tick for Google when it comes to ranking your site in the search engine. We have finished installing these on all sites.

Spam Protection

We have had an issue with the number of spam e-mails getting through to customer accounts over the last few weeks but as of Thursday, our new spam protection system is in place. Early indications show that it is catching thousands of messages a week, stopping them from reaching your inbox.

Remote Support

We have a new remote support system in place. This is great news because it means if, for example, you are struggling to set up your e-mail account on your computer, we can now connect up, see your screen and set up the account for you. We have already been able to use it to help quite a few customers when they get stuck plus it's much quicker and easier than following written instructions.

As ever, all of the updates are included in the annual cost of your site i.e. there is no extra charge.

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